Based in New York City, we are a collective of film and photo industry professionals with international roots. We travel for work and we live to travel. We speak many languages, allowing us to go farther and further. We will share with you, our in-depth knowledge of every location you will visit. Our goal is to immerse you in a location and a culture.


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What We Do

We have been there!

Camera Voyages has spent considerable time at all our destinations that we travel to. Combined with reliable and knowledgeable on the ground partners, it gives us deep experience at each of our destinations. We know the hidden places, are friends with the locals, and know the rhythms of life as the day progresses at our destinations. For us its all about having amazing and unique experiences that you will remember long after you return home. We are the facilitators in helping you create your own story from the experiences you have on our voyages.

Every voyage we create is accompanied by one of our carefully chosen contributors who knows the destination well and sees things from your perspective. We hire the best local guides to help with language translation and cultural guidance. Wherever we roam, we treat you like guests in our home. To assure you get consistent, personal attention, we keep our group sizes small. This guarantees that you will always have the support you need to have a wonderful experience along the way. Want to know more? We are happy to answer your questions. Call us at +1-646-661-4611or email us at info@cameravoyages.com



  • Destination planning
  • Land Package arrangements
  • Bespoke adventures
  • Large and small group experiences
  • travel guidance and consulting
  • Unique experiences


  • Custom photographic experiences
  • Targeted photographic classes (all levels)
  • Technical master classes
  • Equipment and gear guidance


Images and Videos From Past Voyages







"I enjoyed meeting all of the people we were with and it was a great group to go with. We all felt welcomed and comfortable with everyone even being the outsiders of the group, i guess you could say. I can’t stress enough how much of an amazing time I had personally. Everyone I’ve talked to is extremely jealous of where we went. Its a trip that if I had to go back and do it all over again, i would and i wouldn’t have changed much. You did an awesome job organizing everything and making sure that everything went as smooth as possible."

-Robert D

"This is not your average touristy packaged vacation. During our weeklong road trip across Cuba we were immersed in the culture. We met artists who invited us into their studios and homes to talk about their work and life in Cuba and meet their families. We stopped to photograph interesting characters we met along the way, sugar cane fields, plantains being harvested, old interesting churches, old cars, tractors, bikes, trucks and horse drawn buggies still being used. I learned more about photography that week than in my life to date. If you're thinking about going on a trip with Camera Voyages stop thinking about it and just go."

-Jennifer L

"It has been two months since my wife and I returned from Nepal and our EBC trek with Camera Voyages and there is not a single day that goes by where I do not think about those days on the trail. The two people who went up the mountain were not the two that came back down days later.

The organization and leadership of William was top-notch. Although we arrived late and missed the first day's welcome and activities in Kathmandu, we immediately felt apart of the group. William's the type of guy you feel like you have known for ages, even after just meeting him. He's warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable from his years of experience. As someone who can just manage to operate a smartphone camera, I learned a great deal from William on the trip about photography and the new fancy camera we bought for this trip. While still an amateur, the trek was a great opportunity to learn something about photography (from William and our fellow trekkers) and there was no lack of amazing subject matter along the way. We had amazing guides that shared their local knowledge and insights. We learned much about Nepal, its history, the people, and culture - they made use feel a real connection to Nepal. The guides were always there when you needed them and would help carry you (sometimes literally) if you were struggling.

Our EBC trek with Camera Voyages will be an experience we cherish forever and would definitely join Camera Voyages on another trip in the future.

-Kyle B"