Custom Voyages

Want to explore deserts, dance to a Latin beat, learn how to make the best mojitos, drive a rickshaw across India, ride a classic Indian motorcycle through the Himalayas, visit artists studios, search for Rhinos from an elephant, crash an Indian wedding, join an impromptu game of cricket, stay in palaces, learn to cook the local cuisine, wellness. Just to name a few of the possibilities. We can design "voyages" just for you and your family or friends with one of our experience experts to guide you along the way. Custom itineraries based on the experience you want to have. Curated by experts who have been there, and know the best of whats there.



Cuba is world reknowned for its artists, classic cars, music, and one of a kind place to photograph. Our itineraries, focus, on art, culture, cars, photography, and a mix of it all. We have on the ground connections with artists like Carlos Rene Aguilera, a world reknowned Cuban artist who knows his island and people well. A trip to Cuba is an unforgettable one.

Bhutan: Land of the Fire Dragon

Land of monasteries, monks, buddhism, unspoiled landscapes, beautiful festivals and a rich culture. We take you to all of that and to places way off the beaten path.

Beautiful India: Rajasthan an beyond

Amazing, beautiful, awesome, inspiring, interesting, a delight for the eyes, just a few words that describes India. We know India top to bottom from the jungles and tigers of the south to the tribal culture of the north. We create trips that leave you wanting to come back and discover more of the mysteries of India

Nepal : Land of Adventure and Culture

Culture, and out of this world beautiful landscapes. From the cultural monuments of Kathmandu, the jungles of the south with elephants and Rhinos to the adventure of trekking to Everest Base camp as well as other amazing treks. We combine culture with adventure to create an unforgettable experience.