Are your trips only for professional photographers?

We accommodate photographers of all levels of experience. Our goal is to create an environment for great experiences to happen, and we can help you tell your story through photography whether its with an professional camera or your iphone.

Are these photo classes?

No, these are not formal sitting in a room learning cameras or computer techniques. These are hands on, on location experiences. The professional photographers leading the voyage may give a demonstration of a particular subject or technique and then work with each participant to achieve the desired effect. We will always be available to talk technique, and process. Having trouble with a downloading issue, camera setting, or approach to a subject we are there for you every step of the way. We believe the best way to learn photography is by doing it. We are there to offer advice whether you need technical or conceptual help.

Do I need a passport?

A valid passport with six month remaining is required to enter international locations by air. And it is required to re-enter the United States from any international location. A Passport Card can be used to travel to and from Canada and the Caribbean but we recommend a passport for any and all travel leaving the US

Is a deposit necessary?

Yes the only way to reserve a spot on a workshop is by making a non-refundable deposit online.

Do I need to buy my own plane ticket?

On most trips yes, all details will be listed on the trip page.

Can I pay via check?

Yes, any trip can be paid for via check click here for our postal address.

Do I need medical travel insurance?

Travel insurance is mandatory. While travel medical insurance for our trip to Cuba is included in your trip cost our guests must provide their own travel insurance for all other locations.

Will I need to share a room

Most trip costs are based on "double occupancy" that means 2 people per room with your own bed. If you want to be on your own it will be a higher cost and called "single occupancy"

What are the accommodations in Cuba like?

Accommodation in Cuba is called "casa particular" which means bed and breakfast. There are two reasons why we select simple bed and breakfast. One is the very real lack of good hotel rooms in Cuba and the other is that no photographer is ever disappointed with an intimate cultural experience. The best way to capture the moment is to share the moment. Each facility is inspected by Camera Voyages to insure it meets our standard of quality.

What are accommodations in general like?

Safety and comfort are uppermost in our minds when we inspect and approve the accommodations for our guests. Keep in mind that we are intentionally going to out-of-the-way places and against American standards the tea houses and guest houses we select may not rank high. But they will be the best available to us. Cuban accommodations are described above.

Will meals be included?

Breakfast is always included, as well as some group lunches and dinners. Specifics are spelled out in each trip description. We do this so everyone is given the opportunity to pick when and where they want to eat.

What is a typical day like?

We use a Daily Itinerary because it’s an efficient way to ensure our guests have a wide variety of experiences.  We follow the best light, early mornings, a large break in midday and something in the afternoon. We also build flexibility into the schedules, so if we want to spend more time doing an activity or decide to do something different it is possible. Like good photographers we are always open for the unexpected. Practicing photography is very much a physical art form, lots of walking, standing, etc. so a good pair of shoes (already broken in, no new shoes please) is essential. 

What can I expect?

Our trips are not sightseeing trips and they are not extreme adventure trips. We are exploring a given theme, for example architecture or street photography. Although these are not formal classes there will be demonstrations on equipment and technique with personal followup with each participant by the workshop leaders.


We will be traveling off the beaten path and the level of accommodation will reflect that. The best place in town may not be up to US standards but our priority is to find places that are comfortable, clean, and safe. 


Safety is by far our primary concern. We will stay in secure places and use reliable transport. We will eat in places that are as hygenic as possible. We have equipment recommendations such as a steri-pen for additional insurance. Keep in mind that when our destinations are in the developing world there is some risk involved. Personal safety is everyone's responsibility. 

Are there any age restrictions?

Our guests must be at least 21 years old at the beginning of the Journey.