Filming for Good in Tanzania

I’ve been working with Connecticut based Non-Profit “Artists for World Peace” since 2012. 

They are a small but mighty grassroots organization, bringing together artists from around the world to support their humanitarian work in Tanzania, Nepal and many other places. 

When I met AFWP’s founder Wendy Black-Nasta, I jumped on the opportunity to travel to Tanzania with her in 2012 to document their various projects at a small village in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. 

They joined forces with a local orphanage, providing the children with high-level education, food and clothing. Other projects include micro-loans for women creating new sources of income for them and making them self-sufficient. As of 2014, AFWP also successfully opened a free health clinic providing thousands of villagers with eye care and dental exams with the help of volunteer doctors from the US and support from a local hospital. 

I have returned to Tanzania in 2014 and 2016 - each time focusing more on capturing motion rather than still images for the organization in order to present a short video for their annual fundraiser. 

Working in Africa can be challenging physically and mentally and every day is unpredictable - you never know when power will go out, or when you might be able to have your next shower. But the experiences you gain and the people you meet are priceless! Work often gets interrupted by a crowd of village kids pulling you away for a game of tag or jumping in front of the rolling camera in the middle of an interview. 

Documenting in a remote location also means being smart about minimizing gear and utilizing locals to help out with production aspects like sound recording, lighting, etc.

Africa has taught me to trust a different pace and flow, and to be open to a different mentality and lifestyle. Less business, more being! 

The last video we produced was presented at AFWP’s annual Broadway Fundraiser. According to AFWP’s founder Wendy Black-Nasta, the annual video has become an integral part of their fundraising efforts. Being able to show captivating content at events and online is directly connected to receiving more donations from their supporters. It is one thing to tell people about the work you do, but sharing a visual story has made a huge difference for the Non-Profit. 

Claudia Paul +